You are Hypersensitive

1.0, 1.1, 1.2

Illustration by Hiro Isono from the 1993 Snes RPG Video Game Secret of Mana

2013 - ongoing performance project
Shown at _:
Kinman Gallery, London (UK)
Oto project space, London (UK)
Rollaversion Gallery, London (UK)
Malmö Art Academy, KHM (SE)

An ongoing project involving live sound effects and voice performance that attempts to describe virtual worlds and stories in an open-ended and sensory rich environment. The use of second person language is suggestive of the contemporary 'YOU', who is being directly affected through smell or touch; senses that are mostly absent within computer technologies.

These performances seek to question the ideas of communities and social relations that occur through digital realms and rather than treat them to cynical questioning tries to find the voice of these new mythologies. The virtual locations, ambience and artefacts that we are increasingly drawn to and which play vital and poetic roles in contemporary life.